Who We Are

DATAPLUS is dedicated to delivering superior services to our customers. Our goal is to be your trusted ICT advisors and providers whether you would like us to help define your strategy and objectives or manage your key projects, complement an existing team, overcome specific challenges or simply provide innovative technology based business solutions.

The DATAPLUS TECH was established in Nigeria since 1994. We worked hard towards advanced regional infrastructure and proven track record working with Multi-national Clients across a range of key commercial sectors. DATAPLUS strives to maintain the highest standards of service as the premier provider of Best Practice ICT and Consultancy Services.

Collaborative Partnership
In order to meet up with end-user demands and aspiration, we welcome third-party Contractors, Entrepreneur, Cooperative  and Collaborative Partnership supported by concise Memorandum of Understanding document.

Industry Sectors
We currently provide product and services for those major industry sectors which include:

Banking & Accounting Firms

Building Construction Firms

Property Developers & Real Estate

Manufacturing companies

Hotel & Tourism Industry

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Oil & Gas Industry, and Power Industry

Agriculture Industry

Insurance Firms

Social Service Industry (Water and Hospital)

Automobile Industry


Why Choose Us

We are reliable We will be available to cater for your needs. So when next you need a reliable ICT Solutions company, think first of Dataplus Technologies Limited.


Good outcome is the product of timely response to events. We believe and work by this philosophy which has given us the edge in the industry.

Because we are efficient, we guarantee utmost productivity in every turn and steps.


  • Be pioneer scientific solutions provider and player in emerging global technology that bring benefits to the entire human race.


  • Operates Best Practice Business that evolve around Technology, People and Environmental Considerations.
  • To provide Virtual-Presence Systems and Methodology through Electronics Science and ICT.
  • Provide value-added Electronics and Digital Electronics equipments, Telecommunication Equipment and Software Solutions.

Core Values

  • Develop quality partnerships with our employees, suppliers, customers and the community in which we operate.
  • Increase productivity and comfort of people that patronize us.
  • Passion for Science and Technology that makes the world a better place than we met it.
  • Leave entrenched Legacy in Technology Education

Case Study

We have served over 150 corporate bodies, government and private individual clients over the years within and outside the country. The following are case studies of how we meet the needs of the few randomly selected clients, recently.

  1. TAK Continental Group

takTAK is a prominent emerging Nigeria conglomerate company with interest and contact spread globally. Dataplus provide the latest state of the art IPPBX / DATA/VIDEO Structured Network System. We also configure their Enterprise Cloud Network System for their Data warehousing and server and Intranet. The niche in our IPPBX installation is that Intercom and Voice telephone s are relayed over IP (Internet Protocol) channel technologies; makes DATA/VOICE/VIDEO SEAMLESS SYSTEMS INTEGRATION.

  1. Policy Analysis and Research Project PARP, Abuja

govtPARP was established to facilitate Legislations systems, training and working manual of The National Assembly of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our company provides ICT consultancy services which includes but not limited to Website Development and ICT Training the Trainers.

  1. System Property Development Consortium (SPDC), Abuja

spdcWe provide Complete ICT Solutions from Equipments supplies and installations to Training and Capacity Building, staff recruitment and wide range of consultancy. We have also carry out ICT Investigation, Security CCTV installations, Website Development and maintenance for 4yrs, Supplies of computer equipment and many more. We supplied and Installed Wide Screen HDTV for homes and office in their Estates.

  1. Sigma Apartment (Serviced Apartment Hotels) & Sigma Group

sigmapartmentsComplete ICT Solutions from Equipments supplies and installations to Training and Capacity Building and staff recruitment and wide range of consultancy. We recently provided VLAN between two of their offices location using Fibre optics. We also  deployed  Wireless Hotspot, Development of Website and maintenance and Remote monitoring system for strategic access. Among our expertise is the Deployment of Hotel Billing System deployment and maintenance.

  1. Sulaimon & Co

suliemnIs a renowned Chartered Accounting firm, with head office located in Kaduna. Since 1996, we have been providing reasonable priced products and services that encompassed but not limited to Networking, Website Designing, Supplies and Installation of computer equipments, repairs and maintenance, Corporate Intranet deployment, Training and Consultancy support for the ICT Application Accounting and Auditing system using Tally Accounting products.

  1. Gombe State

govtIn December 2012, our company was involved in Electronics LED Bill boards Configuration, programming and installation at strategic locations of Gombe township.

  1. ARMECO (Arewa Metal Containers Limited)

armecoSince 1995 we have been offering various Technical Supports for day-to-day ICT demands which include but not limited to Computer Equipment Installation, Design and implementation of first website, Internet Service deployment and Corporate Intranet Solution.

  1. Kogi State

govtDataplus provides Website design and development for the State Government and Consultancy for establishment of Graphics Newspaper (2003). Computer Training for Staff of Directorate of Science and Technology, Kogi State Government.

  1. Quadrant Global Concept Limited

Is a computer company with diverse products and services for Banks and State Government clients. Dataplus Tech provides consultancy on project need analysis.

We have been design website and involved in online business since 1997.