Inverter is the key component of a solar Alternative Power supply, which determines the importance of its technology and reliability. DATAPLUS Power Electronics is always focusing on developing advanced solar inverter technology, and have already got good results in this area. As the first Asian inverter supplier awarded with A+ by Photon Lab, We never stops striving for higher efficiency of inverter. Tested by Intertek in June 2013, the maximum efficiency of new released product Growatt 20000HE-TL3 reaches 99.06%, which is far beyond other inverter manufactures in the world. Besides, DATAPLUS Power Electronics also focus on developing its product as a “smart system manager”, which ensures the maximum energy yield and lowest influence to grid by intelligently monitoring the PV panel and grid conditions and adjusting its own performance.

Even due to consistence electricity outage, we arrived at a Nigeria factor which almost eliminate if not drastically reduced Diesel consumption.


Residential PV Plant

Based on your individual needs, we offer custom-fit solutions to help you manage your solar energy around the clock. The most popular string inverter for household roof usage is 1000-3000K-S, 1 MPPT and single-phase, that is the second generation string inverter featuring smaller size, light in weight and high efficiency -maximum efficiency up to 97.6%.

In addition, 2.5-5.5K MTL-S, built-in dual MPPT and single-phase, has the highlight to provide reactive power for utility grid(displacement power factor setting ≠1). More products information for residential application.

With DATAPLUS Electronics Power solutions, products and project support, you are easy to realize your projects durable, flexibly and economically. We work with our customers to match the right mix of technology with their application so they can get the maximum value from their system.

We offer a variety of series products to cover your commercial applications. For example, the string inverter 30-50KTL3-S has been received lots of attention since unveiled in Q2 2016 as its technical innovations and user-friendly interface e.g. 8 strings intelligent monitoring, compactness design etc.

With more than 1GW of commercial buildings installation capacity in 100+ countries, DATAPLUS can develop unique solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs, all backed by our DATAPLUS comprehensive range of service.