Executive Summery - Dataplus Profile

DATAPLUS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is dedicated to delivering superior services to our customers. Our goal is to be your trusted ICT advisors and providers whether you would like us to help define your strategy and objectives or manage your key projects, complement an existing team, overcome specific challenges or simply provide innovative technology-based business solutions and sciences.

We have worked hard and developed hundredths of solutions in Software, Hardware, Networking and Systems Integrations.

The DATAPLUS TECH was established in Nigeria since 1994. We worked hard towards advanced global best practice ICT Hardware, Software, Networking and Systems Integration infrastructures and Technical Support across a range of key Business and Commercial sectors. DATAPLUS strives to keep abreast with the most effective and latest standards.

Industry Sectors

We currently provide ICT product, services and solutions for those major industry sectors which include but not limited to:

Building & Civil Construction Property Developers & Real Estate
Accounting, Banking & Finance Business Merchandise (Web Solution)
Call Centers Internet Service Provider
Legal & Company Secretaries Government MDAs
Oil & Gas Industry, and Power Industry
(Billing Solutions)
Automobile Industry (Electronics)
Education (E-Learning Solution) Country and Town Planners
Advertisement (Online Solutions) Social Service Industry (Water and Hospital)

Collaborative Partnership

In order to meet up with end-user demands and aspiration, we welcome third-party Contractors, Entrepreneur, Cooperative and Collaborators and Partnership supported by concise Memorandum of Understanding document.

Why Choose Us

We are reliable We will be available to cater for your needs. So when next you need a reliable ICT Solutions company, think first of Dataplus Technologies Limited.

Good outcome is the product of timely response to events. We believe and work by this philosophy which has given us the edge in the industry.

Because we are efficient, we guarantee utmost productivity in every turn and steps.

Please visit our website www.dataplus.com.ng Please don’t hesitate to contact us +234-8037869348 (same number on WhatsApp). 
May 2021

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